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Pioneer Halflinger Shafts Clearout!

Comes complete as in picture.

Reg price is 740.88

Horse Shoeing

Heavy Duty Stocks to save your Back.

Work Harness

Shop our popular work harness today!

Plastic Birdfeeder

The perfect Christmas Gift! Made in Canada

Aaron Martin Harness manufactures and supplies harnesses and accessories for horse, dairy and pets, plus many custom made products.

Since 1980, Aaron Martin Harness has been manufacturing harnesses for horses and pets, plus many custom made products in other fields in our facility near Wallenstein, Ontario, Canada. What started out as a small business venture has grown into a business that serves the Draft and Driving horse industry worldwide. With a number of years of experience in this trade prior to 1980 and from working with draft and driving horses all our lives, harness and horses are nothing new to us. This experience is a great asset to us and being the manufacturer of our harnesses makes us a strong asset to our customers for service. For example, it is so much easier if there is a size or style problem in the harness, collars, hames, pads, etc. or if you need a harness made to your specifications, be it a special size or design.

The Canadian Distributor for Biothane USA!


The Complete Source for the Harness Horse