Stable Supplies  

Bridle Hooks

Metal bridle bracket. -Black only.

Cast Harness Hooks

Perfect for hanging up your harness. -High quality, extra clean castings. -Black only. -Three sizes to chose from.

Brass Harness Hooks

Solid brass harness hooks with a hand polished shiny finish. They also work great for hall tress, coat racks and other decorative uses.

Harness Collar Rack

-Black Powder Painted -Just What You Need For Your Collar Or Bridle.

Cribbing Strap

Helps horses stop cribbing. Steel hardware with a nylon strap

Miracle Collar

Stops cribbing in seconds. All leather with stainless steel hardware. Large & medium

Harness Stands

A handy harness rack with wheels to move your harness around with ease. -Wooden ones can be finished. -Steel comes in black or your choice of color.

Canvas Feed Bag

Quality canvas bag with a wooden bottom. Has a nylon head band. Handy for in the woods or field so you don’t have to hitch.

Hay Bags

Rope hay bags are perfect for holding hay at shows, in the trailer or at home. Are available in black or blue

Feed Scoops

A Galvanized feed scoop with black powder coated handle fasten with rivets. Comes in a 2 quart and 4 quart.

Corner Hay Feeder

Is made of 1/2" rod with 4 1/2" spacings with black powder coated Finish. -Is designed to mount in a corner. -30" High -28" Wide

Wall Hay Feeder

This hay feeder comes in 2 sizes.Rods are 1/2" thick with 4 1/2" spacing.Is done in black powder coated enamel. -1 Flake feeder is -30" High -27" Wide -10" Deep -2 Flake feeder is -30" High -29" Wide -15" Deep

Trough Hay Feeder

Black powder coated enamel.1/2" rods with 3 1/2" spacing.16 gauge back & sides.Are made with saftey edges.Has a handy trough for grain.Three sizes to choose from. -Small is -28" High 21" Wide 10" Deep -Medium is -32" High 24" Wide 15" Deep -Large is -32" High 36" Wide 16" Deep

Hitching Ring W/Bolt

Zinc Plated 2" Ring with 4" bolt

Hitching Ring W/Plate

Hitching plate with a 2" ring. -Light duty. -Zinc plated.

Hitching Ring W/Wood Screw

Zinc Plated 2” ring with a 4” screw eye.

Wire Horse Muzzle

Made from 11 gauge galvanized wire.

Horse Muzzle

Good Quality fine mesh muzzle with head band and throat latch.

No Chew

Clear non-staining formula contains natural ingredients. Can be applied on all wood services, indoor and out. Dries quickly and is not effected by moisture once it dries. Can be applied in wet weather. An economical way to put an end to chewing and cribbing. 950 ml bottle w/sprayer.

Horse Weight & Height Measuring Tape

Now made of wider unbreakable vinyl coated nylon. Will measure the height and weight in lbs and kgs of your horse.

Aluminum Measuring Stick

Polished aluminum measures in hands on 1 side and centimeters on the other. Will do up to 18 hands. Push button vertical beam has easy to read plumb vial for accuracy. Telescopic in center for easy storage.

Bamboo Measuring Cane

Heavy bamboo cane with a chrome plated tip that contains a measure stick in inches, hands and centimeter. Solid brass level for accurate measurement.

Humane Twitch

Releases calming endorphins to calm the horse in stressful situations. Measures 13 ¼” long.

Chain Twitch

Traditional, effective chain twitch with a finished wooden handle. Measures 17 ½” long.

One Man Aluminum Twitch

•Only one Person needed to use this twitch for working on the horses hooves or giving a needle etc. • Use the snap to fasten on halter ring.

Automatic Float Water Bowl

Powder coated steel float water bowl. -Hinged cover for easy maintenance. -1/2” Line entry on either side of bowl.

Poly Water Bowl

Wide poly water bowl -With ½” top feed. -Includes spacer for bottom feed. -Includes back plates.

Poly Water Bowl With Casting

Poly water bowl with casting. -Nylon frost plug protection. -¾” water line entry top or bottom. -Includes a 1 1/4"-1 1/2" U clamp.

Coloured Buggy Whip

Available in Black/White, Blue/White, Green/White or Red/White.

Whip Socket

An handy whip socket for on your cart, buggy or wagon to hold whip. Available in Brass, Chrome or polished stainless steel.

Black Buggy Whip

Black braided whips with a fiberglass centre. -Rubber hand grip. -8” drop. -Come in 50” 60” 66” 72” 78” and 88”

Whip Popper

Replacement nylon popper is 12”. Black only.

Lunge Whips

Black braided whips with a fiberglass center. Rubber hand grip. 66" only